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The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi

managed by Joseph Anthony C.

About us

The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi (BASS), is an Indian Progressive Service Society, located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh is a registered non-governmental voluntary organization established in 1978. BASS seeks to improve the livelihoods of children, youth, women and vulnerable people—those who are at the highest risk due to challenging socio-economic conditions. BASS works to bring relief and opportunity to rural and urban communities negatively impacted by poverty. The activities of the organization seek to promote social justice, equality and empowerment to disadvantaged peoples and victims of disasters in the Guntur district. BASS facilitates many activities including: educational, economic, social, health and emergency relief and rehabilitation services in Guntur and Praksham Districts of Andhra Pradesh, India .

This organisation cooperate with the Maecenata Foundation:

Latest project news

Thank you for your support! Covid second wave 2021-Urengent Relief Request

  Joseph Anthony C.  16 April 2021 at 03:07 PM

Dear Friends and supporters  

Greetings and good wishes to you from BASS, India

Thank you so much for your kind compassionate generous support to the children and their families in Guntur, India to distribute emergency relief of essential food groceries and sanitary kits to the slum children and their families  BASS India is actively engaged in covid relief and awareness programs since April 2020 to till today.  BASS is able to distribute food and nutrition relief kits to 7000 families for the last one year with your help as well as other likeminded organizations and individual’s cooperation. BASS is continuing the relief operation in monthly to the neediest families in Guntur district. BASS also provided nutritional supported kits to the vulnerable children, their families and the aged people continuously.

Covid positive cases are dramatically decreased as single digits registered in November 2020, hence the covid lockdown restrictions are revoked by the government of India since November 2020 and the public has been allowed freely to move anywhere in India and participate, organizes, allowed public gatherings and also opened schools, colleges, market places, religious centers, cinema theatres and so on. Every one normalized in their lives but suddenly again the Covid 19 interfered with the innocent lives currently from March 2021 in the form of Covid 19 second wave.     This Covid second wave of the covid 19 is very dangerous as it seems to be spreading faster than the first covid 19 in last year 2020. During the strict lockdown period in 2020 in Andhra Pradesh state took almost four months to reach daily positive case mark 4000 but now with unrestrained public movement and activities the daily covid second wave infections are again on the brick of touching 5000 positive cases mark just within weeks in after the curve had flattened out till the first week of March 2021.

Still the government has not announced any restrictions or lockdowns as everything is functioning normally and schools are also working currently. Only few of the areas where a greater number of covid positive cases are identified are lockdowns announced by the local government.  The covid Prevention vaccination program is speedily organizing   by the government of India for the aged people, but lack of proper education, false information on the side effects of the covid prevention vaccination, some of the people are not interested to come forward to get vaccinated even though it is free of cost. Most of the slum people do not fear the dangerous effect of covid second wave even though the number of daily positive cases is increasing officially and also unofficially. 80% of covid positive people are taking medication at home isolation and the remaining severe conditioned patents are unable to get hospital facilities due to increasing the number of patients these days.

Therefore, the covid prevention sensitization awareness and importance of the covid Vaccination to every one among the slum communities is essential at the moment to control fast spreading of the covid second wave. And also need to distribute sanitization kits to the people and children and their families since the rates of face masks, sanitizers and soaps costs have increased and poor vulnerable people are unable to buy with their small income.  And also, still there is no sufficient income to the slum and roadside dwellers after covid lockdowns as well as no one knowing again might announce covid restrictions.   

Therefore, required to continue essential food and ration kits distribution to the most affected children and their families at risk of starvation currently     

Thank you so much for your kind support to the project and kindly share this project with all your friends and family and do support again with a donation

Stay safe and save others with social distancing, wear face masks and use sanitizers with gratitude  

Joseph Anthony Chukka 
BASS India

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