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Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India

managed by L. Stanislas

About us

The mdfindia—an organization of Muscular Dystrophy patients and parents—was founded by a mother of a Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy child who is no more. It was established by her with the sole desire of offering children with Muscular Dystrophy “all the good things that she was able to provide her son and all those that she wanted to, but could not”. Our services include Stem cell therapy clinical trial, Diagnosis, medical support & services, medical advise, emergency assistance, genetic counselling, psycho-social counselling, educational assistance, nutritional support, income generation assistance to families, information & guidance services, temporary shelter, access to welfare schemes and also organizing MD parents into a state level campaign called, “Muscle Campaign”. The mdfindia has also launched a news letter (‘Muscle News’) about Muscular Dystrophy in Tamil and has been building a web based data base of MVision: MDF INDIA envisions a society wherein muscular dystrophy patients, particularly the children and their families do not perceive muscular dystrophy as a threat to normal life. Mission: To ensure that the muscular dystrophy patients in India enjoy equal opportunities.
uscular Dystrophy patients; both the activities are first of their kind in India.


26-B, 1st Street, State Bank Colony-II, By pass road

L. Stanislas

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