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Bukokholo children school center

managed by J. Nakhumicha mukhamba

About us

This is an Orphanage, a Rehabilitation Center and a School established in 2007 in Bungoma District /COMMUNITY of Bukokholo Local Government of Malakisi division governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprising of Parents and relations of children’s and orphans which make up 90% of the children in Bukokholo

Bungoma County is one of the county that make up of western provinces in Kenya which was created out of 47 counties in the republic of Kenya.

Our school serves around one hundred and sixty children, 80% are needy children [orphans, Some girls are on Girl-Child Free Education Program selected from the neediest parents. Some students live close enough to walk to school, and others live far away but trek early enough to school.
The motto of the school is:
"Educating a child is a light of future live of the child.

This is where “the past meets the future” for the needy child.
Its primary focus is to bring hope to the poor, most neglected, helpless and needy children-ORPHANS [SOME ORPHANED BY AIDS] and the Handicapped, regardless of SEX, RACE, RELIGION or POLITICAL VIEWS. It shall work strictly in accordance with its pledge of equal opportunity/affirmative actions statement in all its policies.


Bukokholo village

J. Nakhumicha mukhamba

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