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Nuri Khatlon

managed by P. Tucker

About us

Nuri Khatlon is a local NGO registered in 2008, with the mission of improving lives of rural dwellers of the Khatlon province of Southern Tajikistan through development and training activities. It has an experienced staff with a background of 10 years development experience and in project implementation.
Currently Nuri Khatlon and its network of community based organizations in the Khatlon region are currently working in 10 different communities in Baxtar, Vaxsh, Kum Sangir and Farxor. It has over ten years of experience in successful community development projects. This network of NGOs focuses on rural development projects in several sectors, including activities in family greenhouse development, orchard management, HIV prevention, safe water and hygiene, and biogas.


Kurgan Teppa

P. Tucker

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