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managed by S. Otieno

About us

Cadif is a gender balanced, an establishing organization of young professionals that has been operational in peri-urban areas of Kisumu (Nyalenda) since the mid of 2006. A majority of activities in the early years were set up as a result of high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Kenya and poverty level, high number of house headed by orphan and vulnerable children, nutrition, epidemic and sanitation emergencies. Cadif has run off and on projects in all subsequently. We are registered with the Ministry of culture & social services of the Government of Kenya (As a CBO) to facilitate sustainable Socio-Economic development in pro-poor slum areas of Kisumu.
Over the past years we have coordinated, trained and empowered youths and women economically through a lot of Income Generating Activities for self reliance. We have computer community resource center that acts as a technology transfer center and in particular the use of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) in fostering great development in the health sector. We also have a mushroom development center where we offer training to women and youths for self-sustainability, food security, and the medicinal value of mushrooms. We work with most at risk group, commercial sex workers, men’s having sex with men’s and other vulnerable children.
1.1 Mission statement
To actively engage young professionals in mobilize resources, empowering the community to enhance their capacity to reduce the risk, vulnerability and mitigate the socio-economic impact of poverty through targeted interventions.
1.2 Our Vision
Prosperous, healthy empowered community where development space is entitled; youths are nurtured for self reliance and to contribute to community development.


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