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About us

This is a project that gives a soccer player girl-child, who is more forgotten, misjudged, overlooked and less advantaged despite being at-risk, an opportunity to train, participate and showcase there individual skills, team work and to learn how to make positive choices in life. Its promotes their educational and empowers them so as to better themselves, their families and communities through soccer for social change. It also offers several soccer programs geared towards all age groups in a variety of formats which gives boys of Under 10 & 14 years chance to be members. The academy has graduated six players from the youths to play in the premier league 2010 where they jelled very well.
The Academy's programs
Our Academy offers several programs geared towards all more forgotten, misjudged, overlooked and disadvantaged age groups in a variety of formats at grassroots, nationwide level.


ACHIENG _ Lower Railways

J. Oginga

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