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In June 2000, Caroline Casey, established The Aisling Foundation as part of a fund raising initiative which involved her trekking 1000kim across Southern India learning how to become an elephant handler or "mahout". She raised over 250,000 Euro for The Irish National Council for the Blind and SightSavers International. The Aisling Foundation additionally housed a broader aim of creating a new image of disability, one that focused on the value of difference and the ability of people with disabilities. Eight years later, The Aisling Foundation has a new name, Kanchi, named after the elephant Caroline started it all with.

Unlike other social issues, disability has not garnered global support or attention relative to the size and scale of problem of exclusion that exists. There is no identified world leader standing up for the global disability community - without leadership there cannot be change.

With a vision that difference should be valued and respected, Kanchi aims to change the way society behaves by changing the way it thinks though the most positive, solution based thinking. Through partnership with Irish business, government, media and the general public, Kanchi has developed unique and creative initiatives to change the social landscape for people with disabilities and drive disability up the global agenda. It has two programmes, Ability Business, which drives change through the disability business case and Visability, which drives change through media, communication and visual arts.

The most recent of these, the highly successful O2 Ability awards, were launched in 2004. Kanchi’s success as a business methodology is evident as the Ability Awards franchises outside Ireland. Through O2’s parent company, Telefoncia, Kanchi will bring the Ability Awards to Spain.

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Project Need Has Been Met

  C. Casey  05 May 2009 at 05:14 PM

Project need "Completion of the Franchise Operations Manual" has been fully met.  This objective is very important as our project successfully progresses.  Kanchi would especially like to thank Wirecard for their support through  They demonstrated belief in our organisation by sponsoring this project as part of’s holiday gift donation voucher scheme.

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