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maisha - The path of Life!

managed by F. L├╝chinger

About us

maisha means "life" in Swahili, the official language of Kenya. The idea of maisha was initiated in April 2007 in Bern (Switzerland) by a young couple who wanted to do something to help and support poor children in Kenya.

Today maisha is an organization in accordance with Article 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code. Its headquarters are in Guemligen / Bern (Switzerland). It is politically neutral.

The purpose of the organization is the creation and the development of projects for (aid) organizations in Africa (especially in Nairobi, Kenya) in the areas of development and cooperation (especially in the areas of basic supplies, health, education and vocation, etc). Additionally, it aims to initiate, support, and facilitate such projects (emphasis is placed on the principle: Helping people to help themselves).
The organization does not pursue a commercial purpose, nor do individual members profit from its work. It does not strive to make a profit. It is exclusively a non-profit organization.


Bahnhofstrasse 10A

F. L├╝chinger

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