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yYouth Association for Culture and Development

managed by a. bakhach

About us

Youth Association for Culture and Development (YACD) is non-political, non-religious non-governmental and non-profit making organization was founded in 2007 by 18 volunteers from different background in order to enable young people to use their leisure time for the benefit of the wider community. This service took the form of participation in volunteering/work-camps to empower youth and to improve cultural-diversity understanding.

The aim of our organization is to abet and to conduce youth initiatives all around of Morocco. We believe that activities initiated by young travelers will contribute to solution of different social problems.

The main activities are:

Short and long-term volunteer opportunities that promote sustainable development, intercultural learning and global understanding focusing on:

ØOrphanage care.

ØTeaching foreign languages.

ØEnvironmental protection.

ØSocial services including care programs for children, elderly and people with special needs.

ØRestoration and Conservation work.

ØProviding healthcare to families in rural areas.

Our members are non-profit organizations or institutions of governmental or non-governmental character, which work in the field of youth development in a non-formal way.

Its membership is open to all persons or bodies that want help put a smile on the faces of deprived people in Morocco irrespective of nationality, religion, race, political affiliation, color, sex or educational background.

We are an organization powered by volunteers, caring people of all ages and backgrounds bound by a common love of voluntary work. The YACD could not achieve its mission without the dedication of the more than 100 volunteers per year who donate their talent and time. We’re always looking for volunteers who want to get involved. It’s a great way to make a difference and make new friends.


bp:1735 hay mohammadi

a. bakhach

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