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Growth Through Learning, Inc.

managed by A. Marthews

About us

Growth Through Learning (GTL) is a secular nonprofit that awards scholarships to bright East African girls from poor families so that they can get a high school education. For our sisters and brothers in East Africa, the birthplace of humanity, high school is not free. It costs about two years of an average salary to send one child to high school. Giving food, clothing or medicines is worthwhile, to be sure. But what greater gift is there than knowledge itself? GTL is growing rapidly - this year we provided 317 scholarships, 40% up from the 226 we provided last year. 100% of what you give goes to pay for girls' education in East Africa - we have an endowment that covers our overhead costs.

Please make a gift today to keep a girl in school.


14 Fairfield Street

A. Marthews

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