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KaJo e.V. Schulpatenschaften in Äthiopien

managed by Lisandra Ilisei

About us

As a non-profit organization, KaJo e.V. has made it its mission and goal to provide children and young people in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, with a better future through a good education. Currently we have nine sponsored children who go to three different private schools in Addis Ababa. On site they are supported by an Ethiopian contact person who supports and encourages them. Attending the private schools gives our sponsored children the chance for sustainable self-determination and a way out of poverty.

A sponsorship for a child consists of several partial sponsorships. These cover different cost areas. For example, there is a school fee sponsorship as well as a transport sponsorship. We cover the remaining gap to the actual total costs for a child with the help of membership fees and donations.

Latest project news

Wir haben 2.129,52 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Lisandra Ilisei  14 September 2023 at 08:18 AM

Die Spenden werden für die Durchführung von Schulpatenschaften in Äthiopien verwendet. Wir bezahlen Schgebühren, Transport und Schulmaterialien neben andern Dingen die für die Ausbildung der Kinder notwendig sind. 

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