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Family of Good Hope

managed by Derick Emmanuel

About us

We are a small registered group in Geremany and in Tanzania, known as Family of Good Hope which is dealing with impower young women, supporting education to the children who are in harsh and really in poor condition and life.
Our main focus is to impower young girls who at some point were kicked out of school because of early pregnancy, and for those who have zero life support.
We provide them very important life needs as...Skills based on sewing, entrepreneurship, social skills, Health care as therapy, psychology problems, and their body health care
Our only source if funds is a support from our own very founder Madam Monika Leber from Germany.
Monika Leber together with her own family, brothers and sisters etc are the one who are making sure this Project is still standing and running
Second source of our income is sales of our handmade product such as Kitenge textures to the foreigners and a little bit to our own very country which is not really working.


Chekereni Bonite

Derick Emmanuel

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