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Ben hilft ...! e.V.

managed by Benedikt Wörner

About us

"Ben hilft ...! e.V." has set itself the goal of helping animals and humans. This takes place through food donations, of course, but also in the medical field. When we help animals, we usually also help people. Because dogs and cats have been a companion of humans for a very long time. There is a very close relationship and often people take care of their animal rather than themselves. If we alleviate the care for the animal, the human being can also concentrate more on himself again. Thus, every animal donation is also a direct help for the person behind it.

Our offer of help is varied and in a state of flux. Ben hilft ...! e.V." does not have a standard procedure, but always depends on the situation. Primarily, we collect donations in the form of money and/or food and take them to where help is urgently needed. At the moment, the focus is certainly on Ukraine, but this should not remain limited in the long run. We want to help where help is needed.


Rümannstr. 47

Benedikt Wörner

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