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Change the world with your donation

"Aus Vielen EINS - Hilfe für eine bessere Welt"

managed by J. Munding

About us

We understand our project as the last push, a lot of people need to really donate money to charity. A lot of people consider donating money quite regularly but are either lacking the last bit of commitment to actually do it or simple don't know enough about the projects and how the money is spend there to really feel encouraged to donate.
Your donation goes to selected projects around the globe, that all share a common commitment to help suffering kids. We have a personal connection to every single project that we support, wether it be a member of us, who was there and worked there, or a family member who was there and saw the work done in the project or a good friend who spent years trying to support a project that means a lot to them. That way, we make sure that every single dime of your money is used in those projects and that it is spent wisely and efficiently down there.
This year, we chose to support the projects „Schwarz-Weiß e.V.“ based in Kenia and the „Himalayan-Project e.V.“ based in Nepal. Both of these projects need immediat help to fund their programms to offer education, shelter and job-skill training to the growing numbers of kinds depending on their work.


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