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Servant of Charity, Atidzive Ghana

managed by Christopher Orji

About us

The new Quasi Parish at Atitive is a Catholic parish recently created in March 2022 with four (4)
outstations that had the vision to give them the Lord and bread and provide for the people. The
Priests are the source of God to the people. The Quasi Parish at Atitive currently operates in Atitive
under Keta-Akatsi Diocese and serves more than 1000 people through a variety of long and short term programs. The new Quasi Parish is made up of St. Patrick station Kuigba, St. Joseph station
Dzogadzi, St. Rose of Lima Atitive, and St. Michael station Glikpome, Litikofe, Maamedo and
Adogbakofe, all in Akatsi South District of Volta region in Ghana. Our mission is to empower the
local youth both socially and intellectually, spiritual, moral, help them maximize their potential,
and improve their quality of life.


Accra-Aflao road

Christopher Orji

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