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PID - Uganda

managed by Wilfred Opiro

About us

PID – Uganda Is a Christian charity organization working in northern Uganda and South Sudan to promote Social Justice and Economic Security and Health Rights for communities affected by armed conflict, through social mobilization, capacity building and connecting people to resource systems.

Through public private partnerships, we engages with health system, Local government, CSOs, research institutions, and communities to build capacity of informal land justice actors, Health system, women & children, youths and PWDs and vulnerable households through a comprehensive community engagement approaches that builds resilience and contributes to sustainable development.

We have operational structures in northern Uganda and in South Sudan with Board of governor (BoG) as the top level decision making organ. The secretariat is headed by the Program Manager; other staffs are Finance Administrator, Legal and Project Officers, M&E officer, Support Staff and Volunteers etc.


Plot 03 Micheal Atube lane

Wilfred Opiro

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