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Remanso De Amor Foundation

managed by J. Berrio Bustillo

About us

Remanso de Amor Foundation is a non profit organization, located in the district of Canapote, in Cartagena, Colombia at Calle de la Rosa Nº 15 – 35 Barrio Canapote

Founded on June 11th, 1996 with 10 children as a Children’s Day Care Center and registered as a Foundation on November 2005. Its legal creation was authorized by Resolution No. 0101, dated February 12, 1998 issued by Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF), entity empowered by the Government of Colombia to set the regulations on this type of activities.

The main mission of Remanso de Amor Foundation is to provide support to Afro-Colombian children and families in extremely vulnerable conditions, satisfying their specific intellectual, social and psychophysical needs through an integral education, nutrition, health and labor training projects.
We show respect and interest for the individual in order to strengthen his self-esteem and personality in an environment in which he
becomes aware of his own dignity as a person.

We emphasize ethics and moral values of the beneficiary families making them conscious of their responsibility and the importance of showing respect towards others and their environment as members of their community.


calle 56 13 - 15

J. Berrio Bustillo

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