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managed by Tambe Dickson Ashu

About us

Elena started as an informal initiative in 1991 to design and make dresses, train young girls who have not been opportune to have a place in post-primary educational institution, for one reason or the other. The initiative was bought over by educated / uneducated, married and unmarried women. In brief, women without basic skills for self-reliance.
In the year 2000, in line with Law No 90/053 of 19th December 1990, the initiative was registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO). This brought ELENA into legal existence.
Mission Statement
Elena aims to create a wide variety of socio-economic opportunities in order to improve on the living standards of children, women and others living in abject poverty in our project area. By so doing, we provide education, job skills training and counselling. We create links between people in need and those who can help.
ELENA is registered and recognized by the Ministries of Territorial Administration/Decentralization, Pu


Akwaya Banya
Mamfe -Cameroon

Tambe Dickson Ashu

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