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Food distribution for rural Sri Lanka

managed by Jamie Bowcock

About us

This year, Sri Lanka has been rocked by the worst financial crisis in the country's history. A combination of Covid, distastrous political decisions and huge foreign debt meanthe price of daily necessities - such as food, fuel and medicine - has skyrocketed. many people - especially those in rural areas - are struggling to survive. A number of grassroots organisations have taken responsilibility for distributing food in these areas, and often the monastic community is at the forefront of these efforts. In 2020, I spent several months with a group of Buddhist monks living in Mahakanda village, close to Kandy, who are doing excellent work to support local people. Unfortunately, their resources are spread very thin. In June/July, I am be cycling 2,300 km from Leipzig in Germany to Istanbul in Turkey. Follow me here: I am hoping to gather sponsorhip for the trip, which I will then forward to the monks in Sri Lanka. Any donation is welcome!



Jamie Bowcock

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