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HavServe Haiti

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About us

HavServe Volunteer Service Network (HavServe), a registered organization, is a volunteer driven not-for-profit organization that contributes to community-led development through volunteerism in least developed countries. We believe that volunteerism benefits both society and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity, cooperation, and reciprocity among citizens, and by creating opportunities to empower citizens to realize their potentials and shape the direction of their communities, their country, and the world.

The HavServe team is inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges in their individual communities and in their country as whole. Worldwide, people can contribute time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action, and these combined efforts can be a significant force to sustainable development. If development is to be effective and sustainable, the people affected by poverty must take ownership in the development of their own communities and country.

The name, HavServe, comes from the understanding that if you have, you serve. If you have time, you serve. If you have compassion, you serve. If you have resources, you serve. If you have knowledge, you serve. Thus, HavServe aims to draw upon the skills and talents of those that have, to serve and to help implement the MDGs through volunteering their time, resources, knowledge, and investing themselves in community-led development globally.

Please take action! Join the HavServe team in our mission to help Haiti from the bottom-up. Let us know how you would like to support Haiti!


P.O. Box 4173
Silver Spring


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