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Batwa Indigenous Development Organisation (BIDO)

managed by Jennifer Noack

About us

The Batwa indigenous people in Southwestern Uganda form a minority tribe threatened by annihilation and ethnocide due to isolation, discrimination, a high mortality rate, but most notably by malnutrition problems that could only be overcome through an overall strategic approach.
The Batwa Development organization (BIDO) is a community-based Organization that was started by the Batwa themselves in Uganda with the registration number DGCS/543/2015.
It has been directed by Ahimbisibwe Alex, a Mutwa (singular for Batwa) student and scholar who is completing currently a degree in public administration and management at Kabale College in Kabale. He initiated the process of creating BIDO in 2015, after realizing the Batwa people lived in terrible conditions for very long without any improvement. With their own organization Batwa people could have more voice to be heard by the Ugandan Government as well as organizations like the United Nations, International NGOs, Ugandan organizations, donors



Jennifer Noack

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