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Ocean Animal Welfare

managed by Sapna Thomas

About us

Help me make this tourist space a Animal friendly location.

We are located 60 kms from Goa a top tourist destination in India. However this town and district lies across the border of goa and in between Mumbai and goa. One would think that both the adjoining places being so developed hey may have similar resources here, sadly that is not the case... all amenities end at the border or may be a max of 5 kms inward.

We do not have proper medical care or vets we do nor have volunteers, Animal Rescuers or feeders

While, Thousands of people come from all over to enjoy the beaches and the scenic location and the stray animals are facing the consequences of careless tourism.

Kindly help me restore the quality of life and Right to live for these animals here. We need to expand and have the physical space to house the ailing animals in this area and it is not possible without your help and support.

I do the ground work, you donate and the stray animals win.


124 savali
Wairy Malvan

Sapna Thomas

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