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KENYAN CHILDREN HELP is an association, founded in May 2008. We help people so that they can help themselves afterwards. Our project is a school, named "White House Academy" in Mackinnon Road, near the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. We managed to buy a piece of land and an old building on it. We renovated this building and put some few classrooms in it. The school has now already started and we need to built it from class 1 to class 8 and also put clean toilets.The children should also learn about clean water, hygiene and family planning for their own future life.
At the moment we still have 4 classrooms with 24 children between 4 and 8 years old and 2 teachers. The children get African Porridge and tea in the morning and healthy food with vegetables at noon.
For some parents it is not easy for them to take their children to public schools because they cannot afford to pay school uniforms and school banks, expenses which they have to pay there. In the public schools there are between one hundred and two hundred children in one classrom, with one teacher. There is lack of school equipments. Besides that many public schools need a lot of renervations and more teachers as well. That's why we decided to support the "White House Academy" where children get good education. We want education for every child!
With donations and payments for membership we are able to pay the teachers, the food for the children and the school eqipments. Now we are looking for donations so that we can start with the building for the new school. Plans from an architect are already approved by the Area Education Officer and the Public Health Officer.
A membership in the Association KENYAN CHILDREN HELP is CHF 50.- a year. Additional donations are welcome.
A Child Sponsorship is CHF 50.- a month or CHF 600.- a year.
Every single cent donated goes directly to the "White House Academy". Thank you so much for your support!


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