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SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund Stiftung

managed by Gerhild Jung

About us

SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund Foundation
Practising. Species Conservation. Together.

Since 2011, the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund Foundation in Wülfrath has been carrying out its own nature and species conservation projects in Africa, Asia and Europe. We work exclusively with local employees as we believe that species conservation can only succeed in the long term if the local population is involved from the outset and can drive development themselves with respect to the ecological challenges of their country.

E4C, Education for Conservation, is therefore our strategy. Thus, we want to preserve the habitat of endangered species, protect the uniqueness of nature and sensitize people to the sustainable use of natural resources in order to enable the peaceful coexistence of people and wildlife. We therefore enable income-generating activities where and when they are needed. As a basis and starting point for sustainable species and nature conservation supported by local people.


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Gerhild Jung

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