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Community Youths Arts Centre (COYAC)

managed by Linus Ngha Beng Kwokom

About us

Community Youth Arts Center (COYAC) Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa. A non-profit arts/ humanitarian centre that trains and empower children and youths in our communities to use arts , culture to empower themselves and other policies to attend to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people of our communities especially children, women and youths who are the most vulnerable. 
Our objectives which falls under programs like
1. Healthcare for families and our communities 
2. Education and Nutrition 
3. Art, Cultural and Graphic
4. Human rights 
5. Health services, medicines and supplies.
6. Capacity building. 
7. Infrastructure, logistics and transportation/ mobility and accessibility to hard to reach areas in the communities. 
Tailored towards long-term 
sustainable socio-economic development. 
We cannot realize these objectives


Commercial Avenue

Linus Ngha Beng Kwokom

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