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Lucknow, India

Free eduaction for under priviledged children in Lucknow, India.

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Our Genesis

Asthakiran provides Free Education To Under Privileged Children.

It started as an effort by Ms. Sonia Singh, who some how could not accept the harsh reality that education is not accessible to each and every child. She took the initiative of imparting education to the children begging at Charbagh railway station, sweeping floors in trains, selling water in used bottles , rag-pickers etc living at and around Lucknow railway station, Charbagh. Later on, she extended her endeavour to the slum children from various places in Lucknow and also involved more and more people in her initiative. Some of these children are orphan.

Our objective

Our main objective is to ensure that the necessity of education should reach each and every child. To achieve this it is endeavored to bring maximum underprivileged and destitute children within the folds of Shiksha Jyoti programme and Support A Child.To bring awareness among the society through education so that they are aware of their rights and can contribute further to make their society better.

Our Mission

To reach out to the vulnerable and neglected children from the slums and the children from the poor and marginalized families and enable them to become self-reliant, responsible, contributing citizens and complete human beings through providing them with suitable education. Through our projects, we have so far sent out 58 children through mainstream private schools. We eventually hope to send all our non-formal education children through formal education system.

Our Plans

To give good and free education to all students of our centres.
To construct a formal school for underprivileged children.
To developed confidence to the children.
To enrolled dropout children into school system.
Motivating children for the education.In addition to providing education to children working at railway station, we plan to find a long term solution to enable these children become responsible citizens by imparting those vocational skills that will eventually generate income and ensure a dignified employment.
Astha Kiran intends to have a residential home where the children, who presently live on the railway platforms, can be accommodated properly. Here all such efforts will be made in order to develop these children into self-dependent and responsible children.