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Helmut-Michael-Vogel Bildungswerk

managed by Julian Mühlfellner

About us

Helmut-Michael-Vogel Educational Institute is a nonpartisan, nonconfessional, and financially independent organisation.

It was created on the initiative of the Bavarian branch of the German Peace Society-United Military Service Objectors (DFG-VK).

The Institute is named for a prominent German pacifist: Helmut Michael Vogel was one of the leading representatives of political pacifism in Germany until his death in 1979.

The Institute is dedicated to youth and adult education and promotes „ideas of peace, nonviolence and international understanding“ (citation from the statute).

This includes the organisation and execution of conferences, seminars, and panel discussions as well as the publication of flyers, newsletters and online media.


Frauenlobstr. 24

Julian Mühlfellner

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