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Enterprise Development & Governance Facility -EDGF

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Registration with Maecenata Foundation for Transnational Giving Deutschland

We have successfully finished our due-diligence and are happy to approve you as new beneficiary within our Transnational Giving Programme.

As your organization has passed the due diligence process, you can also run fundraising campaigns through Betterplace. To do this, register the organization with Betterplace on your own and inform the Betterplace-team that your organization is registered with the Maecenata Foundation. We confirm this and you can thus use Betterplace as a platform.

Donors can either donate, depending on your campaign set up, to betterplace, who would then provide a donation receipt to the donor. Or you can lead the donors directly to the Maecenata Foundation's donation account. We then forward the donations to your organization.

This organisation cooperates with the Maecenata Foundation:


17, 10179 Berlin
, Rungestraße

Enterprise Develop & Governance Facility

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