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NewBeginnings Charitable Trust

managed by Ravi Sebastian

About us

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust (NCT) is a registered non-profit that works directly with the forgotten, vulnerable and abused Dalits and indigenous communities, with a special focus on adolescent children and women NewBeginnings has deliberately chosen to work in the western part of the Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh, India, as this reflects our mission objectives. (1) Chronic droughts are part of everyday life here. The region is known for chronic droughts – between 2000 and 2020, the district suffered from severe drought for 18 years. Of the 54 administrative blocks, 39 blocks experience severe droughts each year. More specifically, the villages where we work fall under the Rudravaram, Sirvel, Bandi Atmakuru, Panyam Gospadu and Gajulapalle blocks.



Ravi Sebastian

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