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I Have Rights e.V.

managed by Greta Wessing

About us

I Have Rights e.V. (IHR) is a German-Greek legal (and political) NGO providing access to individualised legal information and support to people-on-the-move on Samos, Greece. We communicate openly about the situation on Samos while also advocating for the change of policies and practices that are responsible for human rights violations on Samos and in Europe.

Our organisation addresses present-day unfair and undignified asylum/ migration procedures by working to ensure the right to asylum, eliminate pushbacks, and fight against all detention of migrants and refugees.

As a non-profit organisation, our work is only possible through donations and the continued generosity of our backers. Your support is crucial to helping us guarantee the provision of professional legal support on Samos, and every Euro donated goes towards ensuring that we may continue to fight alongside asylum seekers and refugees to assert their Human Rights!

Latest project news

We received a payout of €5,454.08

  Greta Wessing  24 November 2022 at 08:52 AM

The money will be used to help I Have Rights continue operating on Samos. it will be spent on the associated costs of enabling access to legal information. These include the general running costs of the office, legal costs and bus tickets for beneficiaries.   

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