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Freiburger Wahlkreis 100% e.V.

managed by Clemens Hauser

About us

Freiburger Wahlkreis 100%, founded 2002, is an independent, volunteer and multi-ethnic organisation in the south-west of Germany. Our volunteers come from all continents of the world and work together to gain voting rights in local elections for all residents regardless their nationality. The right to vote is for us a fundamental democratic value. We firmly believe that everyone subject to the living conditions of a community should not be denied influence over these conditions. The right to vote and the right to run for office does ensure equal influence.

Our organisation has years of experience on the political participation and migration history. We have a wide reaching network (from local initiatives to national & international partners in the EU + USA).

Our method are symbolic elections parallel to official elections, where non eligible voters can demonstrate their democratic voice. in Freiburg (6 times), Europe (2015 + 2019) and in Germany (2017 + 2021) - network WIR WÄHLEN.


Bayernstr. 8

Clemens Hauser

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