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managed by Barbara Müller

About us

The Mudiro Association was founded in 2014 by the President Barbara Müller. Mudiro works in three focus areas. The core area is the medical training of local health workers with the aim of improving health care as a supplement to official services. In addition, two areas of activity that have a strong impact on health have emerged, Integrated Early Childhood Development and Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights. Mudiro works in the severely underprivileged north of Namibia. Mudiro's approach is extremely integrated, be it with the ministries, the university and also with the local population and their political leaders. More than 90% of the work at Mudiro is done on a voluntary basis. To date, almost 100 doctors' missions and 20,000 hours of training have been produced. An important aspect is health care in the so called outreach (in the remote villages).


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Barbara Müller

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