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Scott Elders Organization (SEO Africa)

managed by William Michael

About us

Hi I'm calling from Arusha-Tanzania,East Africa just looking for Donations Supporting Orphans/Elders who can't fight for their Lives anymore regarding their ages,furthermore they are easily to be affected by Covid-19 Pandemic, the aim is to buy Their Masks, Hand washes,food in general and Clothes!
I finally came to the Point that Only Donations Without establishing Sustainable Business doesn't Manage! My Plan is establish a food Store or Shop whereby would be also as a Public Shop to Make Money by Selling and Buying food as well,
The Project is running for More information Please Write to me through WhatsApp no: +255 694 45 17 62 or or Would be good idea to Visit the Project in Arusha to see on how these elders are Suffering.
Food Store or Shop would Cost $4,500 to Stand up,for anyone with a Good Hearts if you want to Support Please Contact me for Pictures and Proposal for the Food Shop,



Arusha Town

William Michael

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