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Global Country of World Peace Northern Ireland

managed by A. Gribben

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Registerednon-profit charity number X20456
THE BELFAST PEACE LINE PROJECT. A Home for Peace in Belfast. Bringing the children of the divided communities of the Belfast Peace Line together with a cross community school for the performing arts.

CHILDREN CREATING PEACE AND HARMONY IN BELFAST. The plan is to build a cross community college where children from the divided Protestant and Catholic areas will be educated together. The college will incorporate drama, dance, music, screen acting and directing along side a normal academic curriculum. A shared space where the children can learn together giving them inspiration, aspiration and hope. The daily school routine in the new college will include the Stress Free Schools Programme, TM in the classroom. A simple effective non-religious meditation. In conjunction with the David Lynch Foundation we have successfully introduced the TM programme to hundreds of children and teachers in schools on both sides of the Belfast Peace Line. Teachers report that since starting the programme they are finding improved behaviour in the classroom, and the pupils are experiencing calmer clearer minds, increased happiness, self worth and blossoming creativity. We are delighted to announce that Friend and Patron of the school is Hollywood Movie Maker David Lynch.


56 - 76 Townsend Street

A. Gribben

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