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Fountain Gate Crafts & Trades School Limited

managed by Sven Buchholz

About us

The Fountain Gate Crafts & Trade School has existed as a non-profit vocational training institution in the east of the capital of Zambia, Lusaka, since October 2019. The school is the result of a development aid project of the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt Rhein-Main in cooperation with the local building association of the predominant small and medium-sized local companies. The aim of the school is to train craftsmen locally according to largely international standards in order to offer young people perspectives for a professional craft career in their own country and thus to reduce the constant and expensive entry of international experts for routine repairs and installations. In addition to this type of professional training, the school will also provide "life skills" and simpler training for the local community.


Subdivision 120 of Sub B, Farm No. 87A Off Great East Road

Sven Buchholz

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