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Abdul Salam Kareem Educational Welfare Society

managed by Khaliq Ansari

About us

Our Society is established in the year 2014 ,and doing service for poor needy persons in giving free education and support for good health, now I n this Covid pandemic period we are giving full time service to poor people who are suffering from Covid , giving good food, medicine oxygen supply with our collected funds .But there is heavy pressure on our Society for more help, Hence I request for more funds or food packets ,or medicine ,or Grocery may kindly be supplied.
Our Situation now

The second wave of COVID-19 is causing loss of lives at an unimaginable rate. Our position is miserable, the government isn't helping in any aspect.

Everyday, a son is exhausting himself to find Remdesivir injections for his mother, medicine shortage has created a black market where the medicines are being sold for more than twenty thousand rupees, which a common man can not afford at all.

Everyday, a husband is running, pleading, and desperately asking leads for Oxygen supply so t


H.No.4-7-124, Vidya agar Colony,Near Bus Depot, Near Bus Depo

Khaliq Ansari

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