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Meat the Piglets e.V.

managed by Janina Schäfer

About us

Our purpose is to promote ethical, social and sustainable animal welfare. The association aims to create awareness for pigs among children, young people and adults - in person as well as through media. Furthermore, the similarity of the so-called farm animals to domestic animals shall be highlighted in order to tackle speciesism. In doing so, the association also aims to educate about the life and suffering of pigs in industrial factory farming, as well as to communicate a sustainable, animal suffering-free lifestyle.
Since March 2021 the sanctuary HOFZEIT represents the implementation of the goals and values of out association Meat The Piglets e.V.! In addition to 12 rescued pigs, around 60 other animals live there, which is why we no longer limit our association's purpose to pigs but taking into account all animals that are exploited in factory farming and, unlike so-called pets, do not receive any other special form of protection.


Hagenkamp 17

Janina Schäfer

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