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Kkona Women Sustainable Agric & Environmental Grp

managed by Dorothy Nalubega

About us

Kkona Women Sustainable Agriculturalists and Environmental Group is a registered Community Based Organisation of female residents living in Kkona Village, Wakiso District in Uganda. It was founded by Dorothy Nalubega; A Climate Change Campaigner, Environmental and Women’s Rights Activist. In a bid tackle the problem of environmental degradation as well as uplift the livelihoods of women, Kkona Women decided to start the briquettes projects, Briquettes are an alternative to charcoal which is commonly used in Uganda and most parts of Africa as energy for cooking, briquettes are made out of wastes like banana and other peels, anti-hill soil and other rubbish. They are either made manually with hands or with a briquette making machine.


Wakiso District Road

Dorothy Nalubega

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