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PlantNOW e.V.

managed by Miriam Gruber

About us

Protecting ecosystems, restoring landscapes, reducing greenhouse gases.
With the projects we support, we are making an active contribution to combating advancing climate change. We are committed to preserving and protecting existing ecosystems, renaturalizing and regenerating areas, and thus enabling new natural landscapes to emerge once again.
Trees, bushes, shrubs and peatlands can bind large amounts of CO2 - but only if they are preserved in the long term. Therefore, we are convinced that not only planting trees, but holistic, sustainable restoration as well as the protection of existing natural ecosystems are necessary for meaningful climate, environmental and species protection.
With PlantNOW, everyone can contribute to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration ( and thus to climate protection. Only together we can keep our planet livable for generations to come.


Scheffelstr. 29

Miriam Gruber

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