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kayokoma youth group[KYG]

managed by Seth A.

About us

The KYG Internet and Resource Center is a project aimed at bridging the information gap and promoting the role of ICT in community development, particularly through the provision of free training services in Information Technology (IT) to poor and aspiring youth in migori.

Long-Term Objectives include:

• Promoting the Role of ICT in Poverty Eradication
• Increase in Employment and Entrepreneurial Opportunities of Underprivileged Youth.
• Increase in Community Productivity through low-cost Internet access and affordable business services.
• Increase in Community Education and Health information on current, critical issues such as proper nutrition and AIDS will be disseminated.
• Empowerment of Women in ICT as youth training program will consist of at least half women.
• Promotion of Democracy.

Expected results include:
• Secure employment and training for the 20 members of the youth group in business and ICT;
• Establish an “employment incubator” program to continue training and employing youth; and,
• Increase access, in particular for women, the poor and the elderly, to information on health, business, government, community resources, and communication.

Amount Requested
The Kayokoma Youth Group [KYG] requests a sum of 12191.30 Euros for the first phase of the project, running for three months. This will cover fixed capital costs ,fixed recurrent costs and variable recurrent costs for the period.Total budget for the year sums up to Euros 27009.20