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Förder- und Wohnstätten gGmbH

managed by Lukas Polifka

About us

FWS is a non-profit service provider for people with disabilities. Our focus is on working with blind and visually impaired people with multiple disabilities. We want to enable our clients to participate in life in society and support them in their independence.

The FWS was founded in 1991. It was founded on the initiative of the "Verein zur Betreuung blinder und sehbehinderter Kinder e.V., Neuwied" and the "Verein für Menschen mit Behinderung e.V., Neuwied/Andernach". Since then, the FWS has developed into a renowned service provider of various facilities for people with disabilities in the northern part of Rhineland-Palatinate.


Anne-Frank-Straße 1

Lukas Polifka

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