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Canoes of the Marshall Islands

managed by Tony Alik

About us

Waan Aelōñ in Majol (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) or WAM is a registered non-profit non-governmental organisation based in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. WAM's mission is to work with under privileged youths, their families and the local and community to preserve and protect Marshallese culture and tradition through canoe building and sailing, and through this cultural connection develop life skills and a work ethic that create meaning in the lives of all participants.

As it is with many small non-profit organisations around the world, WAM has also been hit hard financially by the ongoing pandemic. Every single penny will be put forth in ensuring that WAM's services to the many local communities it serve in the Marshall Islands, particularly the at-risk youth population of RMI, continues undeterred.


3970 Woja Road
Marshall Islands

Tony Alik

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