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I am a Lebanese man, I am married 27 years old. I was damaged in the explosion at the port of Beirut, my hand was broken, and all my shops were destroyed in beirut - Burj Hammoud . and no one is helping me. I have a 3-month-old newborn who suffers from a strong allergy to lactose milk while he is taking another type of milk, and the package price is 40$ And every 3 days he wants a package. Currently we do not work and the country is closed because of Corona .. and my wife does not work, she takes care of my son at home. There is no income .. And we have to pay the rent for  my house  300$  every months and im broke for 3 months , electricity and other bills. Our situation is difficult and I am unable to pay for the household and baby supplies. I need help if possible. thank you .
Maroun korkomaz


Bourj hammoud

Maroun Korkomaz

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