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Fade Tanzania

managed by Hussein Idrisa

About us

Welcome to the Fade Tanzania, the none government organization

The long term is Fortification Action for Disabilities Expansion (FADE)

Deals to support people with disability to be free from stigmatization, illiteracy unemployment and poverty.

We are empower the poor families and people with disabilities in assistive equipment like wheel chair, hearing aid and special books, and school materials like uniforms, exercise books and other fees so as to send their children to school.

Also to empower the local communities with agricultural incentives such as seed and fertilizer with provide entrepreneurship education and reproductive health for youth and women.

We are working closely with associations of people with disabilities and we are proud to have that closeness since it makes us one community and solves their challenges more easily.

Our address and contact 20
Misungwi, Mwanza

Phone: +255 787 763 436,
+255 743 977 500


Fela Misungwi

Hussein Idrisa

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