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"Better Mongolia" NGO

managed by Khaliun Oyundelger

About us

In Mongolia around 62% of the population lives in Ger districts which are not connected to water supplies, so people get their drinking water from public wells. Since there is no sewer system, Ger district parcels usually have a pit toilet. Pit toilets causes soil pollution and the use of coal for cooking and heating process causes air pollution. Children breathe toxic smog from thousands of stoves.
But there are hundreds of apartment buildings in the city which most people cannot. The people in the Ger districts remain in dangerous conditions. Our organisation works against poverty, air and soil pollution in our home city through giving food and clothes also moving Ger districts into appartments. In return, those who received assistance are planting trees in the area where they lived. We need your help to make our efforts go even further! You can help us through donating and your support is important to many families especially children.



Khaliun Oyundelger

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