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LaborBerlin e.V.

managed by Juan David González Monroy

About us

LaborBerlin e.V. is a self-organized work space run by filmmakers, artists and enthusiasts. For our members we provide facilities in order (?) to develop and edit analog films in Super 8, 16mm and 35mm formats - independently, by hand or by machine, free of any commercial restrictions or aesthetic conventions. Our goal is to pass on the practical experience and to preserve the technical knowledge around working with photochemical film. As a non-profit collective, LaborBerlin e.V. is organized in a grassroot-democratical fashion and open to everybody who is interested in working with analog film material. We conduct workshops for adults & children and we organize film screenings & events. Furthermore we collaborate with artists & institutions from all over the world and engage with our local community. As part of the network we are in constant exchange with other self-organized film labs worldwide.


Prinzenalle 58

Juan David González Monroy

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