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Widows ,Widowers ,Orphans ,National Farmers ,Marketing and Livestock Federation is a social development Federation in the North-West Region of Cameroon,working to alleviate poverty ,the suffering of widows widowers and orphans in particular and the community at large , by assisting them to produce ,process and market their farm and livestock products.

The objective of WIONAFAM is to assist widows ,widowers and orphans who are in need through projects and programs that enhance their wellbeing and empower them towards sustainable development.The lose of a dear one /partner puts the widower and especially the widow in a pitiful ,sorrowful and helpless condition as most of the late husbands property is are being sized by the late husbands family ,while the widow and children and being left to fend for themselves.While young orphans from deceased HIV/AIDS victims are being allowed to suffer on their own. This is unjust and WIONAFAM took the challenge to inspire dreams of hope , to these widowers, widows and orphans to remedy their situation and alleviate their suffering .
Our assistance to 85 orphans at our center in Ntarikon,takes the form of preaching the love of Jesus Christ ,providing food ,toothpast ,books ,clothes ,shelter and paying their school fees.

The widows and widowers are being trained in gainful farming activities. To empower these widows and widowers to be economically independent, as well as preaching Jesus love for them and have greatly change their lives. These activities include,production,processing and marketing of maize ,cassava ,kernel oil,ginger,beans/soya beans ,vegetable ,foodstuff and potatoes.



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