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Courage Homes

managed by K. Dickson

About us

Courage Homes is a non-profit organization in India that exists to promote healing, transformation and wholeness for children affected by trafficking and prostitution. We are actively pursuing an end to slavery within our lifetime, and believe we can best contribute to the cause by establishing aftercare homes. Our current area of focus is in assisting girls who have been victimized by sex trafficking to experience restoration and reintegration into society. Our initial intervention is a transition home for girls who have been recently rescued from sex trafficking, providing a healing place while the courts process the best placement for the child.

We aim to help people seek social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, so as to become all they were designed to be. Our hope is that those who come through our doors will realize their beauty and value are infinite. We don’t want our residents’ wounds to merely heal; we want them to be utterly transformed, such that they flourish with beauty inside-and-out, vibrant and whole.


New Delhi

K. Dickson

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