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Digging Hand Pump Water wells and Boreholes

managed by Hamid Kanneh

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Water is one of the essential commodities to human life; all living organisms, plants and nature in general depend on water for their survival. About 60% of human body is made of various types of fluids, which contain water. Some studies have shown that water supply has never sufficed the world demand. In Sierra Leone about 70% people in urban areas around the country are without adequate water and hygienic sanitary facilities. Provision of water supply and sanitation systems in urban centers of many developing countries like Sierra Leone is a challenge that has generally remained unmet. As such most expanding cities in Sierra Leone are faced with the problems of water shortage, and in many cases, there are gross irregularities in urban water supply system. There are communities where only a few public standpipes serve more than a thousand inhabitants. This clearly manifested during the dry season where a number of unplanned settlements in district headquarter towns and cities, residen


East, South and Northern
Sierra Leone

Hamid Kanneh

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