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St.joseph orphanage primary school

managed by j. muwanika

About us

St.Joseph's Day and Boarding school, Back Ground The HIV/AIDS, epidemic is contributing to rapid break downs of existing structures that traditionally took care of development of orphans and other vulnerable children . it has deprived many Ugandan children of critical resources required to provide their basic developmental needs An increasing number of HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children is denied the opportunity to start and continue schooling . the majority of those who do so are entering and staying at school with preventable physical and emotional problems that teachers are unequipped to handle . malnutrition, poor health, social exclusion, lack of early mental stimulation resulting from inadequate care, all effect the child's ability to think, learn and function effectively . more than anyone else, young children are the greatest victims as they are more vulnerable than older children to disease, malnutrition, and unmet psychosocial needs critical to socialization and survival .support is necessary to enable caring family to provide basic resources, care and support to orphans and vulnerable children [OVC] St.Joseph primary school MISSION, TO facilitate an African children, christian response to meet the needs of those who have been affected by Epidemics by overcoming the causes, effects, and spread of diseases through educating orphans, disease awareness and sensitization mobile clinics, empowerment programs and community


Kisozi Road

j. muwanika

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